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  • Co-counsel for plaintiff in product liability case involving 35 year-old male whose leg was amputated due to fork lift accident. Trial resulted in jury verdict of 3.1 Million Dollars. Price v. Confidential Manufacturer of Industrial Equipment, Case No. 2006 L 12915, Cook County Circuit Court (August, 2011). 


  • Lead trial attorney in case of “first impression” in Illinois construing constitutional issues relating to guardianship and sterilization of people with disabilities; successful trial court outcome was upheld by the Illinois Court of Appeals in its opinion issued on April 18, 2008. In re Estate of K.E.J, 382 Ill. App3d 401, 887 N.E.2d 704, 320 Ill. Dec. 560 (1 Dist. 2008). 


  • Lead attorney in litigation involving interpretation of federal statutes governing the authority of federally funded disability rights agency to enter into restricted areas of private hospital for purpose of monitoring patient safety. The litigation and successful outcome, which resulted in advocacy agency being granted access to areas that previously were restricted, had national implication. Equip for Equality, Inc. v. Ingalls Memorial Hospital, 292 F. Supp 2d 1086 (N.D. Ill. 2004).


  • Lead counsel for plaintiff in wrongful death case involving disabled person with a rare cognitive disorder. The litigation resulted in a settlement agreement comprised of a confidential financial award to the decedent’s family and stipulations requiring the defendant to revise its staffing and training policies. Estate of Jennifer Klimek v. Glenkirk, et al. (2003).


  • Co-counsel at trial for plaintiff in wrongful death case involving 25 year-old graduate student killed during high speed police chase. Trial resulted in jury verdict of Six Million Dollars. Estate of Michelle Hollister v. City of Chicago.  ( 2001).  


  • Co-counsel for plaintiff in personal injury case involving severely injured construction worker who suffered a catastrophic leg amputation. Trial resulted in a jury verdict of 3.6 Million Dollars.  Sobczak v.Flaska, et al. (1999).


  • Lead defense counsel in injury case involving minor plaintiff who sustained closed head injury with resulting surgery. Pre-trial demand was 3.2 Million Dollars. Obtained “not guilty” verdict following two week trial. Henry v. Chicago Housing Authority (1995).


  • Lead defense attorney in personal injury case involving severe injuries resulting from elevator accident where pre-trial demand was $475,000.00 Obtained “not guilty’ verdict. Lesain v. Chicago Housing Authority (1993).

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